Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weekly meeting (4-Dec-08)


  1. As decided earlier, the group will use a blog for all weekly reports. Action: all group members will start a blog and post a link to it on the Wiki. Group members will post a link to their blog on the Wiki. Krishna, Ricky: to do. Ricky: enable comments. Done. All: make comments in-line. Policy update: put updates / action items on your blog the day of the meeting.
  2. Final report schedule:due at end of finals.
  3. Durga: limiting case introduction. To be continued later.
  4. Anthony: visual servoing tutorial.
  5. The workshop policies have been updated. Action: read the updated policy and complete the table by placing dates in cells indicating when you took the workshop. Durga, Ricky: done. Krishna: to do. Action: find dates for works

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. Provide breadboards for Durga, Krishna. Requested from Dr. Younan. Remind Dr. Jones at the end of the semester to request these again.
  2. Research topics
    1. Review DIS final reports
    2. Finish review paper
    3. Finish limiting-case paper
    4. Begin work on NSF proposal
  3. Students
    1. Durga: Jacobian works well, but interval analysis fails on one term.