Monday, July 23, 2012

Misc links

Great applications for police UAVs

How To Survive A Robot Uprising

First German Russian Conference on Robotics

A nice article on soldering tools.

I can't use my AR Drone when inside VirtualBox, even after reading this howto.

Jamming elephant trunk -- awesome.

Autonomous flying indoors (ouch), with an on-board lidar and outdoors using PTAM (earlier version here).

Speed limit for birds (and drones).

Interesting thoughts on robotics.

Info on inductive learning.

Literate programming review; PyLit looks interesting for code to rst capabilities.

Deleting Mercurial revisions

A Mercurial repository I use for my research group got several large movies added to it, so that several machines could no longer pull. I removed them; my notes on the process:

  1. hg convert --config convert.hg.saverev=False robotics_research_big robotics_research --filemap no_ogv, where no_ogv follows this format, per ideas here.
  2. In Bitbucket, strip to revision 0 to empty out the repository (the strip trick).