Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly meeting

This week:
  1. Review the task list.
  2. Next week's meeting canceled -- Dr. Jones traveling to Case Western.
  3. Look through SVN, Dropbox files.
  4. Clean and inventory the lab.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organizational meeting

It's time to get the semester started! The agenda:
  1. Introductions, group home page
  2. Research overview
    1. Dynamics for continuum robots
    2. Desktop supercomputing
    3. Alternative navigation
  3. New student orientation
    1. Policy -- get everyone started on training. Jacob - update policy page. Krishna - add link to library formatting zip files.
    2. Make sure everyone is on e-mail list, has permissions to edit home page, task list, SVN. Dr. Jones -- add Quintin, Tommy, Jacob, Ankit (SVN). Get SVN path fixed for everyone else.
    3. Look at thesis formatting.
    4. Review software. Get everyone started on SVN. Dr. Jones to do -- find MathType old version.
    5. Update the people page!
    6. Discuss recommended courses.
  4. Schedule weekly meeting times; look at the task list.
  5. Lab: need to clean and inventory. Dr. Jones - card access for Steven, Ankit.
  6. SVN, Dropbox need to clean up! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun links

I've been focusing on staying up to date with my inbox, but my blog has fallen far behind. A bit of catch-up:

  • I'm using Camtasia to create a series of videos for the "Digital approach to Bible study" Sunday School class I teach. The site uses Joomla, so I got to learn enough of that to post videos using a plugin. While the first two are just .mp4 files and therefore require Quicktime, I figured that uploading an extra file allows me to use the Flash player, which is much more widely supported.
  • The Autonomous Robots blog is neat.
  • Python(x, y) is great! I'm really liking it for my Intro to Robotics class. I certainly miss some features (a nice integrated debugger is one).
  • I decided to have a bit of fun and purchase the original StarCraft. It is fun!