Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday in hiding

I'm hiding this morning, doing research (or at least trying to). I modified the Windows bootloader last night to allow typing into the upper text box plus a command-line bootload then quit option. That should make Intro to Robotics much easier. I'd like to dramatically improve the speed, but that's a bigger project I probably don't have time for.

On the list for today: more tweaks of the inverse kinematics paper. Plus SECON registration.

MATLAB makes creating GUIs easy! And Google Docs is great.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly meeting (5-Feb-2009)


  1. Durga: limiting case introduction. To be continued next meeting.
  2. Next week: Dr. Jones will do some statics, showing some 2-D and 3-D derivations.

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. Increase print quota. E-mail sent.
    2. Find funding to pay for CNC work for v2 of robot. Estimated cost: $250. Done.
    3. We have Maple 12, EndNote x2 CDs - install and return. Done.
  2. Research topics
    1. Revise inverse kinematics paper -- currently editing
    2. Finish review paper -- on hold for now
    3. Finish limiting-case paper
    4. Begin work on NSF proposal