Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to work

Vika answered some blog questions for me. To include a subscribe link: it's included automatically, but not after every post, only at the end of the entire page.

Today is the last day of classes. The to-do list:
  • Write a paper for SECON, due tomorrow
  • Submit recommendations (tweak and PDF them)
  • Grade, finish up advanced robotics
  • Revise the Micro final
  • Enter absences for Micro
  • Submit ONR application
  • Write AF proposal and recommendation letters the bigger-picture items from earlier. A fair number of these should go quickly, though.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recommendation done

The recomendation I needed to write is now done. I'll PDF and post it next week when I return to work. Now, time for some Thanksgiving fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

ONR done

It turns out that the ONR program is fairly easy to apply for, while the Air Force program requires a lot of writing. So, I've essentially finished the ONR application while there's still lots to do on the other. Sigh. Now, time to write some reference letters.

I know someone who has a nice "Subscribe to post via atom" link on their blog. I don't see an easy setting and found a way involving template modification using Google. What am I missing?

Laser cutter

The laser cutter worked like a charm cutting some Plexiglas. Lexan doesn't dirty the lens, but it's not consistently cutting. We're making progress...

New editor

I just enabled the new Blogger editor. Wow. It's nicer. The main improvement for me is a larger (resizeable) edit window. Hopefully, this will make posting a bit simpler. For the full solution, Windows Live Writer is even better; you edit on your PC, then upload the results.

Back to blogging

I've decided to try doing a bit of blogging, to better communicate what I'm working on right now.

Today, I'm trying to make progress on applying for the Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, which is due Dec. 7th. I need to write a two-page statement, gather references, etc. for this. Next up is the ONR Summer Faculty Fellowship Research program, due on Dec. 4th. I'm also working on writing a recommendation, plus various administrative things (i.e. entering publications into the BCoE database).

I'm out all afternoon watching the boys while Vika goes to a check-up. Then, I'm out Wednesday to Friday enjoying Thanksgiving!

The semester's gone by so quickly. It's amazing.

Still to do: Durga's paper; search for more funding; improve our group's home page; work on planning a workshop and building collaborations for Cosserat rod robotics (I call this Cosserbotics); plan for an in-class demo robot for Micro; and so on.