Saturday, March 20, 2010

SECON results

The day is mostly done and the results are in. The robotics (hardware) team ended up with 2nd place overall, a great feat. In the initial three rounds, they scored 271 points (best 2 of three games), while the next team came in at 211. In the final match, all earlier results are ignored and the 3rd place robot built by Western Kentucky won with a very strong run of 166 points, while the MSU's SPIDR scored 111 and Florida's robot scored 105.

The software team didn't place and was frustrated. They were placed in a cloud computing environment, which meant that keystrokes sometimes took seconds to appear. The problems primarily dealt with UI creation, rather that classical problem-solving. Given this is an IEEE programming contest, I'd like to see all teams given some sort of hardware (say, an iRobot Create) plus a task of making the robot do something interesting and useful.

I took lots of video and photos, though I don't know when I'll sort through it all. Unfortunately, the Windows 7 Starter on the laptop doesn't play MPEG files from the camera, which is a bit disappointing.

Go Dawgs!

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