Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Python for robotics

I'm planning on using Python-on-a-chip for the Summer Bridge program and for my Intro to Robotics course next semester. I'm pondering also using Python on the host PC for Intro to Robotics, instead of Matlab. Thoughts:

Helpful links:

Requirement MATLAB Python
Pseudo-inverse pinv linalg.pinv
ODEs ode54, etc scipy.integrate
3D visualzation My Coin/MATLAB bridge IVuPy or pivy


  1. I would love if instead of attending a class I could watch a podcast of the class. That way I can watch the class on my time, pause it whenever I want, or if I find it too boring or I already know the material I can just skip it and save an hour out of my day. If I don't remember something exactly I can replay it as well.
    An online class could be easier for an instructor because they could make lectures/podcasts on their own time as well and after they made them, they could use them for another semester or two.

  2. That's my hope! I'd like to spend class time doing examples and leave lecture to videos. We'll see what I can get done...