Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organizational meeting

It's time to get the semester started! The agenda:
  1. Introductions, group home page
  2. Research overview
    1. Dynamics for continuum robots
    2. Desktop supercomputing
    3. Alternative navigation
  3. New student orientation
    1. Policy -- get everyone started on training. Jacob - update policy page. Krishna - add link to library formatting zip files.
    2. Make sure everyone is on e-mail list, has permissions to edit home page, task list, SVN. Dr. Jones -- add Quintin, Tommy, Jacob, Ankit (SVN). Get SVN path fixed for everyone else.
    3. Look at thesis formatting.
    4. Review software. Get everyone started on SVN. Dr. Jones to do -- find MathType old version.
    5. Update the people page!
    6. Discuss recommended courses.
  4. Schedule weekly meeting times; look at the task list.
  5. Lab: need to clean and inventory. Dr. Jones - card access for Steven, Ankit.
  6. SVN, Dropbox need to clean up! 

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