Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly meeting (13-Jan-2009)

Semester plan - implement

  1. Implement statics and dynamics. Measure and verify. Work on real time.
  2. Write up results. First a presentation, then a paper.


  1. Thanks for a great going-away party. I'll gather the video soon. Vika has a photo or two on her blog.
  2. As decided earlier, the group will use a blog for all weekly reports. Policy update: put updates / action items on your blog the day of the meeting.
  3. Durga: limiting case introduction. To be continued next meeting.
  4. The workshop policies have been updated. Action: read the updated policy and complete the table by placing dates in cells indicating when you took the workshop. Durga, Ricky: done. Krishna: to do. Action: everyone will find dates for workshops and post the date on the policies page.
  5. Establish weekly meeting times for all students. Verify that 10:00 AM on Tuesday as a group meeting time works.
  6. Buddy: take Anthony's spot; re-format his PC.

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. None yet.
  2. Research topics
    1. Finish review paper -- making great progress.
    2. Finish limiting-case paper
    3. Begin work on NSF proposal
  3. Students
    1. Durga: Jacobian works well, but interval analysis fails on one term.

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