Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly meeting (22-Jan-2009)


  1. Dr. Jones: Distribute photos/video from the going-away party. Oops -- forgot!
  2. Weekly meeting times: group at 2:00 PM every Thursday, starting the 22nd. Individual meetings: weekly on Thursday starting on the 15th. Durga: 3:00 PM; Buddy; 3:30 PM; Krishna: 4:00 PM.
  3. The workshop policies have been updated. Action: read the updated policy and complete the table by placing dates in cells indicating when you took the workshop. Durga, Ricky: done. Krishna: to do. Action: everyone will find dates for workshops and post the date on the policies page.
  4. Durga: limiting case introduction. To be continued next meeting.

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. Give Buddy access to the robotics lab. E-mail sent requesting access; access now granted.
    2. Increase print quota. E-mail sent requesting 500 pages/month.
    3. Find funding to pay for CNC work for v2 of robot. Estimated cost: $250
    4. Get Maple reinstalled. Need to pick up CD to re-install.
  2. Research topics
    1. Revise inverse kinematics paper -- currently editing
    2. Finish review paper -- on hold for now
    3. Finish limiting-case paper
    4. Begin work on NSF proposal
  3. Students
    1. Durga: Jacobian works well, but interval analysis fails on one term.
    2. Ricky: waiting to have v2 trunk cut
    3. Krishna: looking at verification
    4. Buddy: working through Antman

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