Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up

Last week was spent getting a journal paper revision done by the deadline. The paper (which is double-spaced) is 57 pages. That was a lot of work; I'm guessing ~25 typeset pages, or 3 normal journal papers. I wish I could somehow get that much credit for finally publishing this one. The editor indicated that, pending revisions suggested by the reviewers, they will accept our paper. Praise the Lord.

Lessons learned:
  • When I'm busy, I should add a vacation message saying I'll only respond to urgent e-mails.
  • I discovered TexWorks, which is a great way to work on Latex documents.
Today's list:
  1. Clean my office
  2. Go through e-mail
  3. Work on review paper copyright stuff
  4. Withdraw my paper to Russia, since I'll be in Florida for the summer
  5. Work on a revised interval analysis paper
  6. Work on p14p. I have so many ideas; I just want to implement them!

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