Thursday, February 4, 2010


The plan for today:
  1. Check with Sol on the Micro parts order. Yesterday, I verified that the three power supplies he sent would work. This also means we can move to a cheaper power supply, I think.
  2. Order parts for the Summer bridge robot. In particular, I'd really like a PIC24HJ128GP502 to play with.
  3. p14p work - I figured out an important bug (building the same binary using two different versions of Python). Now, I can code on the PIC24 port and also work on Doxygen generation.
  4. Recommendation letter for Brad -- need to do that today.
  5. Weekly meeting for the robotics research group. I'd like to do a paper review, but don't have time for that today. The review is due the 22nd?, so I do need to get started.
  6. Work on the review paper. It's due the 18th, so I need to jump on it.
  7. Update the Micro libs, based on a bug report.
Weekly meeting:
  1. Group lunch - Friday at 12:30?
  2. Task list - review and update.
  3. Review and update group policies - place dates for future sessions.
  4. Neat movie found by Krishna
  5. Research update
    1. Dr. Jones
      1. p14p - Progress; working on developing hardware interface libraries.
      2. Funding - NASA pre-proposal rejected
      3. Met with the Industrial Technology group on robotics collaborations.
      4. Turned Buddy's amazing sim into a movie.

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