Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's high time to get a bit more organized for the summer!

I've noticed several things about my netbook
  1. It worked best before I installed lots of software. First, the more I install, the more updaters run in the background, consuming precious memory. I'm now in the process of gradually removing unnecessary programs in hopes of restoring some of that performance.
  2. I went through a series of bad turn-on problems after upgrading my netbook's RAM to 2 GB (I have an Acer Aspire One 531h). I finally discovered that powering on with the power supply attached produced failures, at times even reporting that I only had 1 GB installed. I'm guessing the supply can't handle the initial current demands. Likewise, restarting instead of shutting down then powering back on produces flaky behavior.
Things to do:
  1. Read
    1. The quad-rotor thesis
    2. Adam's paper
    3. Look at the QR decomposition in more detail. I'd always used the SVD for pseudo-inverse calculations, but wonder if the QR is more efficient.
  2. P&T
    1. Determine a list of reviewers
    2. Write a cover letter
    3. Fill out the forms
    4. Ask Tommy questions on his students for CV
    5. Get CV reviewed
  3. NSF
    1. Read reviews
    2. Look up references and incorporate
    3. Start reading and editing
  4. Quad rotor
    1. Order a MAX3232 to interface with the Microstrain / call Microstrain (look at IMU part number)
    2. Talk about DC-DC converters / power supply for PIC, speed controller
  5. Summer bridge
    1. Order parts: breadboards, PICKit 2s
    2. Debug / work around motor noise problems
    3. Build up alternate platform with encoders
    4. p14p development work -- GPIO testing
  6. Other
    1. Talk with Ben
    2. Schedule a meeting with TJ

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