Friday, May 7, 2010

Promotion and Tenure

I started as an assistant professor in August of 2005, so I go up for promotion and tenure beginning this August. I'm trying to get started early and work on it gradually throughout the summer, in order to do a better job and enjoy the process more. The CAAD page on P&T has a great image!

As always, the process begins with some information gathering:
  1. The Faculty Handbook contains P&T procedures (also available as a PDF).
  2. The BCoE P&T policies.
  3. ECE P&T policies.
  4. The Provost's office page for faculty contains some useful info:
    1. Documenting teaching effectiveness.
    2. A list of peer research institutions from which I should get external letters.
    3. Tips on promotion and tenure.
  5. The UPTC website (which was very well hidden) has a suggested application organization document. Note: I've been told that the info on this web site is outdated and the site itself will soon be taken down. However, I still find the suggested application organization helpful and see elements of it in the P&T presentation given Spring 2010.

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