Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meeting agenda


  1. Fun stuff: come for Thanksgiving! (Around 5 PM). Durga, Anthony, Krishna, Ricky.
  2. As decided earlier, the group will use a blog for all weekly reports. Action: all group members will start a blog and post a link to it on the Wiki. Everyone started their blog. Dr. Jones has posted a link to his blog on the Wiki. Group members will post a link to their blog on the Wiki. Ricky: enable comments. All: make comments in-line. Policy update: put updates / action items on your blog the day of the meeting.
  3. Misc: I need a receipt from Ricky and a link to Buddy's blog.
  4. Robotics research group: no one wants to rename; dropped.
  5. Discuss weekly report. Group members will print a copy for each person and include their name or some distinguishing title on the hard copy.
  6. Final report schedule:
    1. 25th – second draft.
    2. 2nd – final draft.
  7. Durga: limiting case introduction
  8. Anthony: visual servoing tutorial.
  9. The workshop policies have been updated. Action: read the updated policy and complete the table by placing dates in cells indicating when you took the workshop.

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