Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekly meeting (20-Nov-08)


  1. Fun stuff: Friday for lunch'n'bowl? Who's coming to my house for Thanksgiving? (Around 5 PM).
  2. As decided earlier, the group will use a blog for all weekly reports. Action: all group members will start a blog and post a link to it on the Wiki. Updates: Dr. Jones, Ricky, Durga, Anthony, Krishna have started their blog. Dr. Jones has posted a link to his blog on the Wiki. Helpful hint: by following other group member's blogs, it's easier to track these updates. You can also add a blog list to your blog with links and latest updates from everyone else's blog.
  3. Robotics research group: a good name? A naming contest? Everyone will bring some new group name suggestions to the next meeting.
  4. Discuss weekly report. Ricky, Buddy - will bring copies for all group members. Durga, Krishna, Anthony - will create a first-pass weekly meeting blog based on items from the previous meeting. Updates:
  5. Final report schedule:
    1. 20th – outline to text (rough draft). Has the text been reviewed by other students?
    2. 25th – second draft.
    3. 2nd – final draft.
  6. Anthony: visual servoing tutorial. Great info! Anthony will post / e-mail his slides for the team to look at. (Done)
  7. Durga, Ricky will take a thesis writing course from the library. Updates: it was excellent! They're in the process of developing a good Word template for the group.
  8. The workshop policies have been updated. Action: read the updated policy and complete the table by placing dates in cells indicating when you took the workshop.

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. Provide breadboards for Durga, Krishna. Requested from Dr. Younan. Remind Dr. Jones at the end of the semester to request these again.
    2. Krishna's PC is ready and in the lab. No official desk yet. Action item: request / find a desk.
  2. Research topics
    1. Finish review paper
    2. Finish limiting-case paper
    3. Begin work on NSF proposal
  3. Students
    1. Anthony: give an intro to the Matlab bridge. Done.
    2. Durga: consider kappa = 0 case: fails for kappa < 1e-160. Durga found term causing interval analysis problem, but it's not this term.
    3. Krishna: need to take training on the Robotics research group/Policies#Required training page. What's completed so far? Durga, Krishna have taken the TA workshop. No one has taken the plagarism workshop. Also, there's a harassment training workshop required for all TAs that will be added to the policy. Required workshops updated.

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