Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekly meeting


  1. Idea: are weekly reports really a blog? Would that be distracting or useful? If not, is the Wiki a convenient place, or would SVN / Word be better?
  2. Nice multi-monitor tool (and free): Winsplit revolution.
  3. Weekly reports will be...weekly (every Thursday). If you'd like something placed on the agenda, either add it to the Wiki or discuss with Dr. Jones.
  4. Robotics research group: a good name? A naming contest?
  5. Discuss weekly reports
  6. Writing: review with a group member before bringing writing to Dr. Jones.
  7. Final report schedule revision:
    1. Today – complete outline (no text written) with all sections above, at least one item per paragraph.
    2. 18th – outline to text (rough draft).
    3. 25th – second draft.
    4. 2nd – final draft.
  8. Anthony: visual servoing introduction

Dr. Jones

  1. Admin
    1. Request Micro TA for Durga, Krishna; Robotics TA for Ricky. Done.
    2. Provide parts kits for Durga, Krishna. Delivered kits. Need to get breadboards.
    3. Help needed: a group-accessible on-line calendar. Now on Google calendar. Need group feedback: does this work?
  2. Research topics
    1. Finish Micro book. Done!
    2. Finish review paper
    3. Finish limiting-case paper
    4. Begin work on NSF proposal
  3. Students
    1. Anthony: given an intro to the Matlab bridge.
    2. Durga: consider kappa = 0 case: fails for kappa <>
    3. Krishna: need to take training on the Robotics research group/Policies#Required training page. What's completed so far?

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