Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy as always

Somehow, I tend to think that during the holidays I can finish everything, do a few fun things, etc. Sigh; that doesn't seem to be the case. I think the list is growing, rather than shrinking! The updated list:
  1. Move ahead on Durga's paper. It's due tomorrow. The text is in fairly good shape, but the plots all need to be re-created from code yet to be debugged.
  2. Marketing! Come up with slides, videos, etc. to communicate our funding ideas. Meet with Lori, Gary, etc. to ask for their help.
  3. Work on my data transfer code. Just a bit of GUI tweaking and it's ready for release! It (basically) works!
  4. Learn more about continuum mechanics:
    1. Read through the nice thesis Krishna found, read the book Buddy found to better understand continuum mechanics.
    2. Read up on and post ideas on using MATLAB's boundary-value solver.
    3. Read up on Buddy's progress through Antman's chapter on numerical solutions to continuum dynamics.
  5. Review SECON papers.
  6. Improve the SECON spreadsheet to add in the motor calculations. I found a silly mistake in my write-up, I'm thankful I saw it.
I spent some time with Inventor Professional on Friday trying to clean up mechanicals for the Intro to Robotics laser cut, which has two servos mounted in it. Inventor is such a terrible tool. Trying to export it to anything useful completely failed; only AutoCAD can ready the dwg/dxf Inventor produces; Illustration can open a PDF, but that file doesn't quick scale right when pasted to Visio. Grrr.  There's some mechanical info from Servo City, but I'm guessing the controlling dimension really should be mm instead of inches. I say this because Hitec gives servo dimensions mm; both Hitec (Korean) and Futaba (Japanese) are not US companies. However, being off by a few mils probably won't matter.

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