Thursday, December 17, 2009

The weeks is vanishing

I'm shocked and amazed -- the week is vanishing. Wow. Today and tomorrow, then I'm done for the year!

Some fun reading: from the IEEE, automated to death (including a truly scary video simulation of a 777's autopilot going crazy).

I found another possibility for a demo robot chassis: a simple tracked robot. I'd like to use one robot for both Intro to Robotics, a summer camp, and a Micro demo robot. The one thing I'd like is encoders; the other question is power -- can this robot carry an arm? Update: here's a better link, including a video, plus a post on hacking in encoders.

I merged the data transfer code in to the main ECE3724 development line. That was more painful than I'd expected, but I think it all works now. I need to document what I've done, so others can use it.

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