Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The end is near

I've decided to work the rest of this week, then spend the rest of the year at home with my family. That's not much time to wrap everything up! As always, I need to select the most important things and work on them.

I spend half of yesterday in a meeting on ABET data collection. Our next program review comes in Fall 2011, which means I'll need to start copying three papers each of good, average, and poor students for EVERY assignment I give in every class I teach. Fun. Time to kill some trees. I'm still finishing up this semester's data collection task to enter my ABET data for Micro. Fortunately, I developed a spreadsheet that makes this much easier.

I came to the meeting at 8:00, but it really started at 8:30. Sigh -- while our department uses Zimbra, I certainly don't. I tried it which just released and found it buggy, under featured, and slow. Perhaps one day we can move to Google (Calendar/GMail/Sites/Docs/etc.). There was an update on the time, but I somehow missed it.

On Monday, I submitted the Jacobian paper a day early. I'm glad I did, because MSU's internet went down yesterday afternoon, which would have made it hard to submit the paper.

I finished up the data transfer program, getting the GUI fully working. It took forever for me to figure out that I needed to specify an Windows-1252 encoding to get binary data passed through correctly. I'd like to post a few docs and demos when I have time. It's a nice interface, though some improvements still need to be made. The next big coding project will be adapting this for use with MATLAB by adding a C-callable backend for the GUI. I'd found earlier just the right class to help, but now I don't remember. InvokeAction? InvokableAction? Perhaps using a Control.Invoke (here's a tutorial) will work to make thread synchronization easier.

Today is mainly a catch-up day: go through e-mail, etc. I hope to at least look at Durga's paper, though.

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