Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mobile computing

I'm waiting in the health center for lab work for my annual check-up. I'm soooo thankful to have a laptop, where I can get a bit of work done.

Alex and I hung lots of Christmas lights on our house this morning. That was fun! He handed me clips while I hung lights. He got tired after a while, so I finished the last string by myself. I was surprised -- his help really made the job easier!

Something neat: I found a conference in Novosibirsk; I've e-mailed the organizers to see if the Jacobian paper might work. I'd enjoy getting to go there, if that's possible. If it is, I'll really need to jump on the paper to get it in conference form.

I'm done with Micro grading; now, on to Advanced Robotics as papers come in.

Tommy pointed out an MSU robotics team from Industrial Technology; I need to meet with the group to see what they're doing!

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