Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final final

I'm current giving my final final. The semester is almost over! It's time to get organized by planning what I can do now, between semesters, while it's still quiet.
  1. Grading - of Micro and of Advanced Robotics. I'll start Micro this afternoon, after my students have finished taking it.
  2. Setup and software install -- I need Visio on my laptop. I've already install Dropbox, Chrome, Testdriven.net, xUnit.net, and got MSVC++ configured.
  3. Develop Micro - I'd like to create an in-class demo robot plus use that for a minority-focused summer school. I'd like to have a preliminary budget by this afternoon for my 3:30 meeting with Tommy.
  4. Marketing! Come up with slides, videos, etc. to communicate our funding ideas. Meet with Lori, Gary, etc. to ask for their help.
  5. Work on my data transfer code. It's almost done...just added another unit test...
  6. Move ahead on Durga's paper. Still a fair amount to do there.
  7. Learn more about continuum mechanics:
    1. Read through the nice thesis Krishna found, read the book Buddy found to better understand continuum mechanics.
    2. Read up on and post ideas on using MATLAB's boundary-value solver.
    3. Read up on Buddy's progress through Antman's chapter on numerical solutions to continuum dynamics.
  8. Review SECON papers.
  9. Improve the SECON spreadsheet to add in the motor calculations.
One thing I learned: have a final draft of papers due earlier and carefully edit those. I'm reading the final versions of these papers, but my comments don't help my students by leading to corrections and improvements, since I'm reading their final paper, not a draft.

I just switched to Google Chrome instead of IE, so I can read my e-mail there while Vika works in Firefox. So far, I like it!

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