Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video and grading

I ran across a fun video reading IEEE Spectrum. It's amazing what fun and creative things are out there!

Today is a grading day; I'll be going through the Advanced Robotics stuff. I'm also now trying to get Durga's paper ready to submit by Monday (yikes!).

I worked a lot on the data transfer code and got a preliminary version up and running. It works! I'm very excited. Now I'm puzzling about how to nicely format and print data: if I have the data as an array of bytes, how can I easily format it using printf format specifiers, etc.? To do so, I'd need to cast the data to the correct type, which involves parsing the format spec, which isn't fun. In contrast, scanf will read data from a format specifier into any pointer, which is exactly what I want done on the write side; I'm just missing the read side.

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