Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I realized yesterday that I'm sweeping. After building something in a workshop, the final step requires putting away tools and sweeping up wood chips. Likewise, the end of a semester is an end of project time, so I'm filing, cleaning, reporting, updating, and so on. It's good to understand the time I'm in, since I'm making little research progress. However, this time of preparation will enable me to begin the next semester well, when I start another project.

To be swept:
  • Update the research group home page with recent pubs
  • Finish grading advanced robotics
  • Finish and submit the SECON paper
  • Submit the ONR application
  • Work on the Air Force application
  • Prepare a Micro final
  • Clean my desk
  • Go through e-mail
  • Attend the SECON presentation
I'm working with latex again. Ugh. I still prefer Word's quirkiness with figure placement and creation over Latex's cryptic commands and the edit/compile/verify cycle.

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