Monday, January 11, 2010


It seems like I'm just tying up lots of loose ends today. That's not much fun, but certainly is necessary.
  • Micro:
    • Attendance sheet
    • Prereq checks
    • File folder labeling and clean-up
    • Lab writeup editing
    • Create a ZIP with the latest library
    • E-mail Tommy re: Summer bridge purchasing
  • Yearly review writing
  • Record laser cut tutorial again
  • Return a call
In working on some YouTube videos, I'm now trying to only use free audio tracks. Though it's still confusing how all this works (when does this constitute fair use), using only free music is best. Which leads to the question: what are good free music sources, not contaminated by commercial songs from a website which claims only free content? Perhaps YouTube's AudioSwap is easiest, and should be 100% legal. But it seems like I can't mix in more than one song and ads may still be displayed.

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