Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meetings and e-mail

Bob passed on a neat quiz on embedded C. Wow -- I only got a 70%. Good stuff! The only annoyance is the registration requirement.

I've spent most of my morning working through e-mail, scheduling meetings, etc. It's amazing how just e-mail backs up.

Today is our research group meeting. Topics:
  1. Introductions - Justin and Jae-Pyung are new.
  2. Videos - from Ankit and a paper to review.
  3. Machining help - the Industrial Technology group is will to make things for us.
  4. Research update - everyone talks about what they're doing and any recent progress
    1. Me - My focus is marketing, followed by the paper with Durga.
      1. Ankit's movie 
      2. Summer bridge / Micro demoBot / Intro to Robotics base - with Cory
      3. The SECON movies are now on my YouTube channel.
      4. Three of our group's videos will be featured on the IEEE RAM YouTube channel.
      5. Prepare a quad chart, two slide summary, three slide summary of the group's research.
      6. Brainstorm on a good image / movie to showcase our group.
      7. Web site updates and improvements.
    2. Buddy - dynamics works!
  5. Procedures
    1. Review group policies. New: responsible conduct of research requirement to receive NSF funding.
    2. YouTube videos and audio tracks - from what I can tell, our videos don't constitute fair use. We need to use only free music. Sources:
      1., -- checked; this is truly FREE.
      2. YouTube's AudioSwap -- but they reserve the right to put in ads.
      3. Google for "free legal mp3" gives (unchecked), (unchecked), and more.
      4. (unchecked)
      5. NOT FREE: prohibits free usage for Internet videos (see item h on their terms of use), charging $100 per song!

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