Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting organized for the new year

I'm back at work -- it's been two weeks. Wow.

Some random thoughts and links I haven't had time to really categorize yet: the MSU budget (where is research spending shown?). The ARM Cortex-M3 Technical Reference Manual gives general ARM info, but lacks and instruction set encoding. That's in the ARMv7-M Architecture Reference Manual, which ARM doesn't publicly post (annoying). Of course, it's findable via Google. I wonder if there's a good textbook for the ARM Cortex? I haven't found one yet.

PC fixes:
  • Windows Defender kept complaining and couldn't auto-update. The manual install method worked fine (follow the link from here).
  • To define a custom paper size in Windows, use File |  Server properties from the Windows Explorer when viewing Printers in the Control Panel (I'd never seen that one before!). However, the laser printer seems stuck on a max page size of 11x11 in. Grrr.
  • After playing with it, I've decided that Photoshop Elements is a disappointment. I keep wanting to use tools from the full version, which I have on the laptop. Sigh.
  • Perhaps this is why the laptop takes forever to resume after sleeping. We'll see.

To do:
  1. A class schedule for Micro. I need to replace section numbers with page numbers for the reading assignments.
  2. Better plans for what I'd like to accomplish this semester.

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