Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Micro updates

I spent some time today working on an updated slide for Micro based on what I taught; I think it does a better job of capturing the MOV instruction's abilities.

I've also been thinking about re-doing the course using video supplemented with in-class exercises. I feel like I know what I'd like to do in these videos and how to do so reasonably efficiently. Now, what should I cover in the classroom without overwhelming myself?

Based on today's lecture, I need to have two levels of exercises: simple problems which verify what was taught, versus more difficult problems that require a bit of reasoning. For example, I task students with swapping data between two registers or memory locations as in-class exercises. I was surprised at how many questions and how much confusion this could generate. For the video portion, I'd go with something simpler: what happens after a sequence of MOV instructions? For the in-class exercises, I can ask them to perform a task (swapping) using these instructions.

The second in-class question is how to use in-class quizzes or something like that to reinforce the lecture. My guess is that I'd start with exercises, develop a good set of them, then move up to creating quizzes after the exercises are done.

Now on to my annual review, which I've been avoiding all day...

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