Thursday, January 7, 2010

Classes have started

Classes started today; I've finished my lecture. Although enrollment for the last two spring semesters exceeded 60 students, we're at 50 this semester, so I've started the process of canceling a lab section. I also spent some time updating my syllabus with reading assignments. I'm thinking of trying some selective release features on myCourses to remind students to read; we'll see.

One big problem right now: I can't log in to the Wiki in order to edit it!

The list for today:
  • Micro:
    • Read through Micro papers
    • Updated permissions for Google docs access
    • Get Micro e-mail lists organized
    • Work on a Micro exam 1
    • Schedule room for Micro exams
    • Send lab files to Steve 
    • E-mail Justin re: time change
    • E-mail TAs re: meeting and plans
  • Reply to Ian's e-mail re: trunk kinematics
  • More e-mail work and cleanup
  • Schedule a review with Nick
  • Work on my annual review
  • Schedule lunch
  • Schedule a research group meeting
Whenisgood makes scheduling a meeting soooo easy. I've got two pending.

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