Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marketing, maybe?

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my marketing (and research) days. However, there's always the odd task or two that still needs doing before I get to that. Today's surprise: converting the bootloader to 2005 forced me to fix some whar_t to char conversions I'd ignored earlier. That turned into a project, but is done now.

While I still have the trial version, I'm now working on converting the full SECON movie to YouTube.

Sounds like military robotics is hot!

For marketing, things I can think of:
  • Publicity
  • Marketing
    • Post Ankit's video when it's ready
    • Improve our group's web site
    • Come up with an idea for an amazing image or movie to showcase our group.
    • Create a quad chart to summarize research group thrusts.
    • Put together a one-slide, two-slide, and three-slide research group summaries then meet with Lori, Gary to get their feedback and ask them to shop these ideas for me.
    • Work with Jean, Mike to publicize and recruit.
  • Funding
    • Look for and apply for funding of any sort I can think of.
    • Continue writing and revising my CAREER proposal.
    • Schedule an Eglin visit.
I figured out how to embed a playlist without creating a custom player: it's hidden in the "Edit playlist info" dropdown. Here's the SECON 2008 full version:


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