Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tutorial created

Pondering a bit more on better ways to teach, I think my last few problems are resolved. In particular, my plan is to create a short (~7 minute) lesson which ends with an example, then an exercise based on that example. The exercises can and should be PC-based, such as writing and simulating some assembly code. I'm planning on recording in Camtasia from PowerPoint slides, supplemented by bringing in demos on MPLab, Quartus, etc. and showing data sheet, web sites, etc.

As a first pass of doing this, I've created a dataXfer tutorial video and accompanying docs. It took longer than I'd planned and I see several things to improve on in the future. However, I think the idea is sound and fairly do-able.

PC tools:
  • ZoomIt is a nice way to draw things while recording a video.
  • The latest version of Doxygen (1.6.2) doesn't work with my #ifndefs. After much playing, downgrading to 1.6.1 solved the problem. It now includes a nice search feature build into the docs!
But these things have eaten so much of my day and there's lots I haven't done yet...

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